A year blogging!

After a year it’s time to take stock of Viaggiare Oltre. I started this journey with Nicola as a hobby, without giving us rules or obligations. With the passing of time we have become more and more passionate about writing and improving our posts (thanks also to a university I’m deeply passionate about). Personally I found that telling travels is the best way to be always on the move, even when work and study commitments gain (rightly) the upper hand.

Analyzing particular destinations or tell a simple weekend in the hope that tips could be useful to other travelers, helps us to focus and fix even more memories and experiences. It’s not easy to combine commitments. If Viaggiare Oltre were a generalist and superficial blog, we would certainly lasted less effort. 



Thanks everyone for following us, we hope to see your presence and comments also in 2013. What’s next? You’ll see. A presto!
Me & Nico
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Tutti i Commenti

  • Congratulations and happy happy birthday to your blog!

    Tina 29 Novembre 2012 17:50
  • Happy Blogiversary! Your authenticity and your posts about Tuscany keeps me coming back!

    Sum 29 Novembre 2012 21:17
  • Tina and Sum thanks a lot for your precious words! Glad to have you here!

    Viaggiare Oltre 5 Dicembre 2012 21:24